“Three Witches”
Grain, Spring 2014

“There are three witches at the dog park by the time I remember my sweater, hanging from a tree in the dark.”

“Our Language”
EVENT, Spring 2014

“When a word has been around too long like an old dog you can’t trust anymore, we turn the word sideways in our mouths and say it like that. The men turn the word to the right and we turn it to the left and they sound like different words. Maybe in one thousand years the words will turn all the way around again, but I don’t know.”

“Division Day”
PRISM international, Winter 2013

“When the country broke up, someone had to clean out the fridge at the national archive.”

“How Long And What A Marvel”
The Walrus, March 2013

“My grandfather died while causing a seven-hour delay of game, which, according to the other grandpas, is how they all want to go now.”

“Sleep World”
The New Quarterly, Fall 2012
The Journey Prize Stories 25
Best Canadian Stories 2013
Winner of the Peter Hinchcliffe Fiction Award

“Forty-seven minutes is a long time to wait in a mattress store when you don’t need a mattress.”

“Two Monsters”
Grain, Winter 2012
Third Prize, Short Grain Writing Contest

“Two monsters came to speak at the local university. We thought to protest. My friend Kate and I and 800 other people, we surrounded the auditorium. There was real anger. There were effigies and piñatas.”

“Next Year, For Sure”
The Malahat Review, Autumn 2011
Best Canadian Stories 2014
Winner of the Far Horizons Award for Short Fiction

“If you put all the religious books on one shelf, it makes God look like a phase you went through. Like a deck you were going to build until you got the books and all the tools and then didn’t.”